UFC 129 Live Stream

Fighting fans, get ready for a real game changer in the world of MMA! For several years, the MMA promotion Ultimate Fighting Championship has been wowing everyone with fight cards filled with excitement, providing full contact aficionados their fix of blood and sweat, as well as a whole lot of ground and pound. This upcoming 30th of April 2011, UFC Dana White and his league of Octagon combatants will be making their way towards the land of the maple leaf, Canada, as they prepare to bring the locals a grand event that is bound to be a classic, in every sense of the world.

Some are even saying it could be the next UFC 100, and most certainly, the Rogers Centre will feel the sheer impact of glorious combat as fans witness their favorite martial artists fighting it out in the Octagon. For starters, UFC Welterweight Champion George St. Pierre will go on a collision course against the world’s no. 7 ranked pound for pound fighter and self-professed American Jui Jitsu specialist, Jake Shields. Get ready for one of the most exciting events in MMA history, as the UFC 129 live stream draws near!

The UFC 129 live stream is set to break records, even those previously set by the promotion itself. With this being the Ultimate Fighting Championship's first visit to Toronto, Canada, many are expecting that fans in the area who haven't had a chance to see it live will be booking their tickets early in anticipation of the event. The event is being backed with more than enough excitement, but some changes are to be expected.  One of them is the timeslot, as the UFC 129 live stream has been bumped up by an hour, even permanently. With a scheduled broadcast of 9PM EST and 6PM PT, this was a move that was intended to gather more support from UFC’s East Coast fans and media partners, considering it’s a time zone a lot of people would call as primetime. If the reception towards this schedule change is welcomed, then we can all expect the UFC 129 live stream to be pushed up an hour ahead of its previous schedule.

However, a few things may pop into mind for those living in the California area, especially when you take into account just how huge of a fan base the promotion has over there. Some would think it's too early for an event like UFC. But looking at it from a business perspective, the target audience will cover a larger scope with the timeslot change. And even with the schedule change, there's no doubt in anyone's mind that true fans of full-contact fighting will grab their first opportunity to see the event.

Fans can expect to see a fantastic fighting roster, including UFC veteran Randy Couture's return to the ring in a huge clash with fellow lightweight, Lyoto Machida, and many other great match-ups. he UFC 129 live stream will mark a new standard in MMA events, and gives us something to look forward to in a way we never have before. The UFC 129 live stream is sure to rock your world, and after the Super Bowl, every person looking for an adrenaline rush will definitely get their just desserts!